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Customer support software has the important job of creating a communication link between your company and your customers. There are several elements to  quality support software: agent dashboards, ticket management, product or asset tracking, knowledge base support, and reporting. The ticket feature has a very important role for many companies. Software packages refer to them as trouble tickets, support tickets, request management, and incident tickets. One of the best terms is “Active Ticket.” Active tickets track problems thoroughly, are available online and provide a link between you and your customer.
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Why do companies decide to buy customer support software? It is important to know how customer support software can help your business or organization. Call centers, help desks, and customer support centers need some type of infrastructure so that customers can call in and get information. But having just a database of information and interconnected phones is usually not enough. Many supervisors and business leaders learn that a good software program is cloud based, tracks tickets and issues easily, and helps you improve efficiency.

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One of the biggest factors missing today on most “Help Desks” is the Human Factor. We have become a text-to-text world, eliminating the need for human personal interaction. Face-to-face has become iPhone-to-iPhone. Even between siblings, parents, grandparents and friends. Thus we are breeding a society of faceless relationships. I have chosen to disengage from this practice as much as possible.

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Is it possible to have an efficient help desk and still meet the customer expectations? Have you ever made a help desk call and gotten: “Please press 1 for customer service. Please press 3 to enter your language. Please wait. We appreciate your call. All our lines are busy. We’ll be with you shortly.”

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Five Improvements to Help Your Help Desk: Installing customer support software will not necessarily improve your company's performance. To improve your help desk, make sure you have the right help desk software, train your agents on how to best use the software and on good interpersonal skills, track the customer agent interaction to understand what the big picture is, set up clearly defined procedures for solving issues, and build the morale and confidence of your agents with team building activities.

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While many companies have Customer Relationship Management software, not every company knows what customer information to gather and what to do with the information once they have gathered it. Because markets are very diverse and fragmented, carefully gathering key pieces of customer information enables you to be sensitive to your customers tastes and needs. Then you can build and keep better customer relationships.
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Top companies have certain practices in common when it comes to implementation of CRM software. These best practices are the same things that every company should be doing to propel their business and improve their operations and their customer relations. Four of these best practices are critical when thinking about CRM software.

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Many companies invest in customer relationship management (CRM) software expecting  big results. CRM software should give you higher profitability, improved productivity, lower costs, greater insight into customer and prospect behavior, and thus stronger customer retention. Is your CRM helping you to achieve all of this? Let’s look at three reasons CRM may not be helping your business.

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Companies need an effective hiring process to find quality employees. Call centers and customer support centers often have a difficult time finding quality employees. The turnover is high because the working environment can be difficult and many centers hire less qualified employees. This means a poor fit for both employees and employers. The following ten practices can help you find better employees and find ways to keep them.


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Web based help desk software is one of the best new things to come along. First, there was help desk software which made it possible for a help desk center to be located anywhere in the world. Now there is a web based help desk software. Web based help desk software offers five primary advantages over non-web-based help desk software:

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When you think about your customers how do you view them? Are they people who call in always needing assistance and help? Do they add an interesting dimension because you interact positively with them? Or do they provide ways to grow your company and increase sales? How you view your customers largely affects they view your company. Here are five ways to create positive interactions with your customers and improve your company's image.

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"Our service technicians get to the office right before their shift and have to look up the service calls. Then they have to figure out a route to get to each service call and estimate the time each job will take. After about an hour they get out on the road and head to customer sites. Sometimes we have to cancel appointments because we have scheduled too many in one day. Most of the time, we have to set a big window of time that our technicians will arrive by because there are so many delays."

Client's Feedback

KBR uses Zinergy Software to monitor and maintain their network and facility issues in Qatar, Saudi Arabia. They needed a way to be able to get a ticketing system up and running in a short amount of time.

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