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About Us

Zinergy is a multiple Web Based Customer Support Software products, built from the ground up to be one effective solution, the way we believe it should be. Our mission is to provide excellent web based customer support software and at an affordable price, while consistently sustaining high quality.
Zinergy Customer Service Software gives you the tools to provide quality, customizable customer service. Zinergy flexibly integrates with other business tools. This versatile program includes a clear and organized dashboard, scalable knowledge base application, functional asset management solution, and powerful analytics. Find your complete support solution in one product.
Zinergy changes the way you view your customers and the way you do business. Zinergy is a very powerful Help Desk Solution that was designed to make support easier for your help desk engineers and support people.
Zinergy Help Desk Software has been used for internal employee support in HR Departments, Accounting Departments, and Management Systems of Fortune 500 companies. Our design and development team has solid years of experience with other help desk products. This experience in major help desk products has made the team uniquely qualified in Help Desk Management and CRM Consulting, and able to design and build the perfect Web Based Customer Relationship Management System.