Service Desk Software


Ticketing Management

Streamline your ticketing management with Zinergy’s Help Desk Ticketing software. A ticketing system enhances communication between team members and customers to proactively solve issues and concerns. Customers email or submit a ticket through your website. Then you track each issue from the first report to full resolution. Ticketing software lets team members address customer concerns in a thorough way and create complete help histories.

Zinergy’s Active Ticketing Software accepts user requests via any of four formats: email, a simple web form on your website, a customizable user portal, or manual entry (usually entered by a support team member who receives a user’s phone call). The ticketing software immediately assigns each request a unique ticket number and notifies your team with SLA alarms and alerts.

Improve Communication between Customers And Your Help Desk Team

Electronic ticketing has become an industry standard for customer support. Our unified ticketing software system takes full advantage of the latest technology to best serve your users. Multiple user-defined fields, colors, labels and more let you customize and flag tickets so they are seen immediately and resolved by the right people.

Zinergy’s Help Desk Ticketing Software allows you to establish seamless communication and a simple interaction platform with the customers who are requesting technical service. Seeing the tickets that have been resolved, those that are in progress, and those that are incoming in one software application centralizes your help desk system.

Using independent contractors for some or all of your support services?

Some of our clients use subcontractors for customer support. We understand you want to keep good customer relationships. Zinergy’s ticketing software can be configured to allow subcontractors to view and/or modify tickets for their specific clients without a separate software license. Spend more time focusing on your business and continue to maintain good customer relations.
Zinergy knows support teams and helps desk technicians can get overwhelmed by a growing volume of service requests. Our Help Desk Software provides a user-friendly ticketing system that can relieve you of your service desk headaches. Using our help desk ticketing system, easily manage all of your service desk operations and let the software tracking and managing help desk tickets. Spend more time helping customers rather than managing tickets.