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Why Zinergy

Why Choose Us

Zinergy Help Desk Software is designed to make your help desk staff perform better. Zinergy’s every software module is built with an obsessive focus on agent productivity. Zinergy service desk software, all you needs to be do is just one click away. There are some companies that can afford to spend months applying its customer service software and then further training their agents, but for the rest of companies need a solution with which that we can start right away.

The Difference

The road to excellence in customer service is a continuous journey that involves products, people and practice. Zinergy is actually a provider of multiple web-based customer support software products, built from scratch to be an effective solution, the way we believe it should be. Our exclusive strategy to customer engagement allows you to pay attention, react and pleasure your customers in ways not achievable before. Zinergy Help Desk Software has been used to support internal employees of HR Departments, Departments of Accounting and Management Systems of the Fortune 500. Our design and development team has years of solid experience with other help desk products such as HEAT Help Desk Service and Support, Remedy, Sales Logix, Goldmine, and Microsoft CRM. Zinergy is not just another help table device. It is the most convenient and quickest way to great client support.

Centralized Help Desk Solution

Most of the time, providing support services is not really fun work. Getting out disappointed clients contacting every day, pacification of angry users and solving day to day problems can undermine the energy levels of even their agents super enthusiastic. Zinergy only lets you turn your help in a fun game where each client issue is a probability to rating points. You get to determine what really makes a difference to your support, your agents come to compete and raise their classification, and your customers can be sure to have a great experience of support at all times.

Easy to Use

Zinergy help desk software is designed to provide an intuitive interface that allows you to launch customer support right from Day first. You do not have to read tons of documentation to learn its use and flows. You do not have to worry about implementing Zinergy and keep it running in your environment. Zinergy Help Desk Software is just an absolute pleasure to use. It requires no training, and you got your agents in service almost instantly.


Zinergy offers the leading cloud-based Customer Service Software. Zinergy Help Desk Software is the easiest and fastest way to provide excellent customer service manner. Using our software, you and your customers will begin to see positive results immediately. First, slow response time is the main factor of bad customer service. With Zinergy, the product does not slow you down. Our quick and easy to use interface maintain your agents super productive and focused on helping customers. Through our robust reporting and analysis system, you also have access to the key metrics that will help make improvements in workflow and increase efficiency in all areas.


Profitability, success and effectiveness of your organization are dynamically linked to the quality of support and service it provides to its customers. Providing a first class level of service, using a system that allows you to fully manage your customers, improving customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and consequently reduce operating costs. Zinergy Customer Service Software Solutions provides simple and easy to use interface, improving the performance and productivity of your organization.