Service Desk Software

User Portal

Create User Portals for Customers or Employees to Find Their Own Resolutions

Allow your end users direct access through their own portal to your help desk. Zinergy includes a User Portal module popular with many of our clients. The user-friendly help desk portal admits your customers or employees via an individual login and password. Users can access your Knowledge Base Software, initiate requests, track the status of existing tickets or perform any number of tasks you allow. The Quality Customer Support software increases customer satisfaction and saves agent time spent answering questions.
Zinergy Help Desk Software’s User Portal plays an important role in helping users solve their problems on their own. You can customize the portal according to your needs and give your end users access to it. When end users access the portal, administrators can track solutions, add entries and view the status of entries submitted throughout the day. Administrators can add users, customize portals, and restrict or add access.

How can help Desk Software User Portal software work for me?

The Help Desk Software User Portal lets users access your help desk. You can customize the user portal with images, links, articles and instructions for users. Help desk software can add value and productivity to a number of key areas in a company. From a broad perspective, properly configured software has a positive influence on customer end users, service personnel assistance, management assistance and the business as a whole.
When a user has a problem that must be addressed, they have a common scale to contact the help desk. They know that their problem is being recorded properly, allocated, and kept within a specific monitoring system, instead of being lost in paperwork, or verbally delivered in the office. In addition, users get the benefit of staying in the communication loop through the power and ease of e-mail correspondence and an automated assistance system. Their personal history is recorded for future reference so that trends and problem areas can be identified and treated quickly.