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Explore our Zinergy Help Desk Software to make an informed decision. We would be happy to give you a free private tour to see all of our features and explore how we can optimize your help desk. View Zinergy from the end user, technician, sales professional, administrator, and management’s perspective to see how it really functions. See exactly how we can help your business. Change the way you view your customers and the way you do business. Zinergy is a very powerful help desk solution designed to help every member of your team. Scalable to organizations of almost any size but interactive and user-friendly so you can give your customers the help they need and at the same time improve how your business functions.

A Simple But Powerful Interface for all your Help Desk Tasks


Quickly access important help tools, incoming calls, support requests and data from our functional dashboard. A clear interface with customizable features helps agents work more responsively and effectively. Support team members simply log in to access their own dashboard. Administrators can grant special permissions for each user to access the tools they need as well as customize the dashboard layout, tabs, and important features.


Ticketing Software

Let Zinergy’s unified ticketing software system put the latest technology at your fingertips. Multiple user-defined fields, colors, labels and more let you customize and flag tickets, so they are seen immediately and resolved by the right people. Zinergy’s Active Ticketing Software accepts user requests via any of four formats: email, a link from your website, a customizable user portal, or manual entry.

User Portal

Zinergy includes a User Portal module popular with many of our clients. The user-friendly help-desk portal admits your customers or employees via an individual login and password. Users can access your knowledge base software, initiate requests, track the status of existing tickets or perform any number of tasks you allow. The Quality Customer Support software allows end users and employees easy access to streamline the process.

Asset Management

Track software, licensing, hardware, technical equipment, or virtually any kind of asset that you want to keep track of detailed information with the Asset Manager module. You can even build a trouble ticket around an asset that is linked to a specific contact or location. Additional flexibility helps you with solving problems. Our powerful Asset Management Software has over five kinds of customizable fields that fit your help desk management needs via a central data repository.


Build your own FAQ and knowledge center so information is easy to find. Zinergy Knowledge Center Software allows you to create an unlimited, searchable library of FAQs, articles, how-to documents, resolutions, announcements, product manuals and more.

Knowledge Center

Track and then schedule, run and analyze reports from Zinergy’s database to save your time and money. Zinergy’s report templates were recently updated using Telerik Tools, one of the leading application frameworks to give you dynamic reporting. Get the big-picture perspective to identify the “real issues” for your clients and team members.