Service Desk Software


See Critical Problems At a Glance

Increase the visibility of real-time business operations for faster, more informed decisions that improve performance and efficiency. The dashboard provides at-a-glance charting with an instant visual overview. See service requests across virtually any metric to make your customer service more meaningful.

The dashboard screen shows a view of data for each support member. See the incoming calls, emails, and tickets to make decisions that will improve the operation of the organization.

Supervisors can also view the incoming requests and other data to help assess how to best utilize each support agent. They can grant dashboard access to some users and restrict it to others. Customizing the dashboard layout, tabs, and functionality makes it a great place to locate important information.

Using Zinergy Service Desk Software, you can easily track performance and tickets status in real-time. Manage the performance of your team and identify areas to improve communication between team members and customers.

The customizable dashboard gives you the information you need specific to your organization. Our Service Desk software facilitates quick responses which ultimately increases your help desk support performance.

Zinergy changes the way you view your customers and the way we do business. Zinergy is a very powerful Help Desk solution, which was designed to make customer service tasks easier and more functional for your help desk team members and support staff. Zinergy’s Help Desk Dashboard is packed with features that deliver all the information your team needs to fix incidents quickly and easily.