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Active Ticket: Trouble Ticket Software

Active Ticket: Trouble Ticket Software

4/13/2022 4:00PM

Customer support software has the important job of creating a communication link between your company and your customers. There are several elements to  quality support software: agent dashboards, ticket management, product or asset tracking, knowledge base support, and reporting. The ticket feature has a very important role for many companies. Software packages refer to them as trouble tickets, support tickets, request management, and incident tickets. One of the best terms is “Active Ticket.” Active tickets track problems thoroughly, are available online and provide a link between you and your customer.

One of the best features of active tickets is that they are handled online. This makes it easier for agents and customers to ask questions in real time or over the duration of an issue. Instead of working your way through a phone tree, a customer can submit a request or ask a question. The best agent to handle that question can address it, then send a follow up email to the customer with details about the ticket.

A second added benefit is that tickets are tracked throughout the process. Because they are online they can be tracked continuously. They are then stored in a database. Tickets can be sent by email, reviewed, or grouped to provide internal metrics. And customers can see that their concern is being handled step by step. If customers are unsure if they asked about a concern or if they received a response it is easy to look up the interaction.

A third and very large benefit of a ticketing system is customers can receive a thorough response. Often, when customers are concerned about a complex issue, they contact customer support, get a quick answer and then realize they are not fully sure how to proceed. Imagine you have a device that isn’t working correctly. You are told to restart the electronic device and log in to your network again. It may be difficult to remember all the steps you need to take. A ticket provides an emailed response with the instruction on screen for you to review at your convenience.

The fourth advantage of a ticket system is both customer support and the customer can keep records of the interaction. Imagine you are a customer who has had to reschedule a service several times and have had to wait for additional support. You can look through the tickets to figure out how many times you have contacted customer support and how long the response took. This type of tracking is especially helpful for the customer support service to analyze response times and customer satisfaction.

The fifth and largest benefit is that active tickets build customer trust and satisfaction. When customers see when they have a problem or concern they get a thorough, trackable response, they know that they are important to you. This strengthens the relationship between your business and your customers. They are encouraged to purchase more and recommend your business to others. Building customer trust is a great way to build a bigger customer base.


Zinergy’s Active Ticket software streamlines your ticketing system with customizable elements, email notifications, and a reviewable history for both thoroughness and reporting metrics. Our software optimizes your customer communication.


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