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Best Cloud Based Help Desk Software for Customer Service

Best Cloud Based Help Desk Software for Customer Service

1/21/2022 4:50PM

In today’s competitive world, providing a good customer support service is very important. If you research about the most successful companies in the world, you will find one thing common and that is a good customer service. If you offer a good support to your customers and provide them the best assistance for your products you will not only gain their loyalty but also bring in more business through your goodwill. To provide your customers better assistance your need to set regular training sessions to train your Help Desk Team. A good customer service needs a team of professional customer’s representatives as well as innovative tools such as a Cloud Based Help Desk Software.

There are a number of help desk software in market today but you should look for some important features. Following are the important features a good Helpdesk software should have:

Cloud Based Online Solution

A cloud based Help Desk Software bring many advantages. Cloud based software is cost savings, easier management of software updates or upgrades, and repair and maintenance faster, all served at the end software vendors. Our Help Desk Software is completely Web based: offers cloud based solutions for your software updates or upgrades

Ticketing Management Solution

A powerful Ticketing Management system should have all four formats to assign tickets: by WebForm, by E-Mail, by Customizable User Portal or manual entry through a phone call. The ticketing system should immediately assigns each request a unique ticket number and notifies your team with SLA alarms and alerts. Our Help Desk Ticketing Software offers all the above formats and features which are helpful for your customer service team and customers as well.


A good Help Desk Software should provide a calendar that will help in scheduling tasks. It should also provide good schedules to facilitate the planning of activities other than the immediate response to problems. These activities may include the installation of new applications, updates and security patches. The calendar facilitates the identification and communication of available resources and best times of intervention.

Powerful Knowledge Center

A Help Desk Software Based on Cloud provides a powerful knowledge center. Help your customer service staff to analyze and solve recurring problems. A knowledge center is like a database of frequently asked questions that contains answers or solutions to common problems that you or your customers may have. But that’s not all. You must also include a powerful search function so users can instantly find the answers to their questions and problems. Access to the knowledge center can also give customers or employees, to give them the possibility to solve some of the most common and easiest problems they may be experiencing.

Assets Management System

A good Help Desk Software provides web tools will help asset management and network monitoring powerful for monitoring the health of hardware, software, servers and other network components. Our Help Desk Software includes an Asset Manager system that tracks software, licensing, hardware, technical equipment, virtually any kind of Asset that you want to keep track of detailed information on.