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Best Practices for CRM Software

Best Practices for CRM Software

4/13/2022 4:00PM

Our service technicians get to the office right before their shift and have to look up the service calls. Then they have to figure out a route to get to each service call and estimate the time each job will take. After about an hour they get out on the road and head to customer sites. Sometimes we have to cancel appointments because we have scheduled too many in one day. Most of the time, we have to set a big window of time that our technicians will arrive by because there are so many delays.”

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you paying technicians to figure out a route while losing potential customers to poorly scheduled appointments?

What can you do? Some companies opt to have hire someone to organize the incoming service calls and map out routes each day for the whole engineering team. This takes time, extra pay, and uses valuable working time.

Instead, with cloud based customer service software technicians or engineers simply log on from home? The software can collect the service calls into one template, organize them, and give a daily work schedule. Using a laptop computer or mobile device, each engineer can quickly see each service ticket along with driving instructions. After each call, he or she can respond online to state how long the call took and how he or she fixed the problem. The ticket can even be printed for the customer to sign off.

Another advantage is each technician can be tracked and contacted through the software. Any changes to the schedule or added issues on a call can be quickly added to the scheduling software.

Of course, your customers will be happier too. They can also access help tickets from their phone or computer and later log on quickly and easily to a web site to see when to expect the engineer to arrive.

Service desk software can really save time and money. But the added advantage is you gain an easier way to streamline the way your company handles calls. Most importantly you can better focus on the key to your business: great customer service.