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How to Avoid Bad Customer Service Candidates

How to Avoid Bad Customer Service Candidates

4/13/2022 4:00PM

Companies that are running in great competition must be staffed by employees who are not stressed to provide great customer support. Every company wants to have great customer service. But when it comes to hiring the people who deliver the best, there are a lot of mistakes hiring managers usually do. Some hiring managers believe that everybody knows how to provide quality service. In order to create a culture of customer service excellence, a company needs to hire or build a team of trainable employees who are easy to motivate.

Cultural fit is vital, and therefore a match between business strategy and executive candidate is required. If your company has a growth strategy, it is necessary to hire an executive growth, and should be offered a second function to move. People want to suck, so you have to be able to create a step for them if needed.

Here’s what you can do to avoid bad customer service hires.

Look Out for the Interview

You can tell a lot about a candidate by what happens outside the actual interviews. Are they easy to work with in setting up meetings? How to interact with those who feel they are not making hiring decisions? What kind of questions are asking HR? Everyone is different and so is every corporate culture. Often more than understanding how they go through the process of what will be in an interview discussion when candidates know they are in the place you learn.

Use Hiring Tools 

While hiring, you may see a cozy effect that refers to the impression that someone leaves the first time to know that person, if that person has something in common with them, are attractive, can pronounce his name, which like them, etc. The problem with this view is that you can accidentally anchor interviewer opinion about one interviewee, often incorrectly.

Therefore, some leading companies, such as the use of personality assessments validated for hiring customer service. The twist is that these predictive perform personality assessments before interviewing any candidate, even before the resumes of applicants are reviewed. Another simple and effective tool is to have other candidates in the interview of the company, to offer their views. That way you acquire other opinions and support within the organization, if you hire the person.

Check Candidates’ References   

You will find plenty to do reference checks. It is important not only ask for references, but specify that you want to talk to; before offering or simply have a list of your friends. You can also remind candidates before they start interviewing, you are going to call their references to the answers they are giving you. This should help you keep your distortion / exaggeration below.