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Keep Your Customers Happy with Zinergy's Web-Based CRM Software

Keep Your Customers Happy with Zinergy's Web-Based CRM Software

4/13/2022 4:00PM

When you think about your customers how do you view them? Are they people who call in always needing assistance and help? Do they add an interesting dimension because you interact positively with them? Or do they provide ways to grow your company and increase sales? How you view your customers largely affects they view your company. Here are five ways to create positive interactions with your customers and improve your company’s image.

1. Offer customers a number of ways to get assistance. Customer support software can streamline access and offer flexibility. Customers then know they can use a comfortable or convenient method to contact you. For example, some customers appreciate a quick response through a phone call while others may prefer a more detailed explanation through a ticket. Offering a customizable FAQ database most quickly meets customers needs.

2. Really listen to your customers and what they are concerned about. Sometimes it may be difficult to respond to a customer who is upset or has difficulty expressing what issue they need assistance with. Realizing that you need clear information from them to actively and positively solve their concerns can help you to respond more to their questions and concerns rather than their emotions. Listen to what they are saying and how they are saying it. Ask clear, objective questions. And most importantly respond as positively as possible. This builds good customer relations.

3. Actively respond to customer needs and anticipate what they need before they ask. Customers often want issues resolved rather than just an acknowledgement they have a concern. Offering solutions helps customers to know that they can get meaningful assistance. Then you can offer them solutions to potential issues that may arise. Customers learn that calling your service desk gives them answers, solutions, and ideas about how to help themselves in the future. They view your business in a positive light and will more likely become long term clients.

4. Value customer complaints. This suggestion may seem a bit unusual because customer service agents generally do not like complaints. But complaints can be as helpful as compliments. Customer service software can help you to track customer contacts so that you can identify what issues keep occuring and what issues upset customers the most. Using this data you can make improvements in how your company functions or your products work. Also, you can better train your agents in how to respond to customer complaints. Complaints can spur your company to improve and also be used as a training tool too.

5. Learn how to apologize. It is often easy to respond to customers with a response that says I am right and you are wrong. That does not solve problems. A balanced apology in which you acknowledge errors and mistakes can help customers feel you recognize their complaints. Then respond, if possible, with a solution or suggestion. Customers will feel more connected to your company’s process of offering support. This, in turn, can build sales.

Responding to your customers actively and positively can really go a long way. It helps both customers and agents feel positive and a sense of productivity. With Zinergy Web-Based CRM Software you can easily boost your sales and shorten support cycles. You can turn leads into customers and customers into repeat customers. Creating long term customer relationships is an important secret to growing a successful business.