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How Zinergy Help Desk Ticketing Software can inspire your satisfaction?

How Zinergy Help Desk Ticketing Software can inspire your satisfaction?

1/21/2022 5:52 PM

You can used the Zinergy Help Desk Ticketing Software in any business form whether it’s a big corporation or minor one. Why your company need a Zinergy Help Desk Ticketing Software? Some of the benefits of zinergy help desk ticketing software are improved customer service, faster response and lower information technology costs. Zinergy Help Desk Ticketing Software improves communication among team members and clients to proactively resolve issues and concerns.

Here are the reasons why you need a Zinergy Help Desk Ticketing Software?

Work more efficiently

 Operators take advantage of time and exploit their productivity by quality of being able to solve the help desk issues, when it’s most suitable to them.
Multitask smarter

Zinergy Help Desk Ticketing Software receives operator requirements via any of four formats: email, web form request from your website, manual records and user’s phone calls as well. The ticketing software immediately assigns each request a unique ticket number and notifies your team with SLA alarms and alerts.

Continuous Communication between Clients & Help Desk Team

Zinergy Help Desk Ticketing Software  allows you to establish whole communication and a simple interaction between the customers who are requesting IT service. Zinergy help desk ticketing software allows the member to receive IT service requests via a user portal. IT teams can advantage from avoiding the use of disparate sources such as a live customer communication. Zinergy Help Desk Ticketing user portal plays an important role for user to solve their problems in their own way. You can also change it according to your desire and give the access to end users as well. Administrators add the users and restrict or add access.

Here are the some other benefits of Zinergy Help Desk Ticketing Software  that meet your satisfaction:

  • Recognize higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Track and monitor help desk and technician improvement in real time
  • Save time and incomes on manual and repetitive help desk tasks
  • Improve efficiency for service desk staffs, support staffs, and users as well.
  • Decrease support call period and volumes